Sonakshi Sinha for Femina May 2018

May 9, 2018
Sonakshi Sinha for Femina May 2018
Sonakshi Sinha for Femina May 2018
Sonakshi Sinha for Femina May 2018
Sonakshi Sinha for Femina May 2018

Sonakshi Sinha is so cool! She is like your buddy who plays dress-up for a couple of hours and then goes back to being normal.

This is an amazing quality that comes across so effortlessly and makes her, in my opinion, as successful as she is.

For this shoot, the theme we discussed with Femina was “boho looks”. We decided to go for a pattern overload. Patterns upon patterns, upon patterns and shoot this in a soft, moody, sensual way. We looked for a space that could possibly accommodate us and the Good Earth store in Mumbai was perfect.

I only used one light for this shoot, a profoto B1 with a profoto XL Deep Umbrella. The B1 lights are favorites of mine when shooting on location as I do not have to worry about power supply or have cables and extensions to worry about. Same with the umbrella. It is so easily folded and unfolded and the light shaping is GREAT!!

Akshita Singh styled this shoot and Namrata Soni did  Sonakshi’s hair and makeup.

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