Beauty Shoot

March 11, 2020

My friend Maniasha told me she wanted to do a beauty shoot and any opportunity to do something a bit more creative is so very welcome.

I wanted to do a combination of fashion and beauty shots and I had chosen a daylight studio which would allow me a combination of both studio and natural light. Our models for the day were Samruddhi Shirodkar and Angaihi.

Aesthetically I love strong contrasts and when conditions are giving me nice clean sharp sunlight the results are almost every time pleasing.

Also, as this was a personal shoot I had no restrictions in the tonality, the colors, the post production. I was free to play however I wanted and produce result that would please me predominantly. I loved the looks Maniasha created

Also I wanted to experiment a bit technically. With long exposures, sunlight reflections and foggy lens refractions. As a photographer I work very instinctively. I have an idea about where I want to go visually but a lot of things happen on the spot. I like how the light falls, or how the make up looks and most things happen organically. And this is how I generally prefer to work and I try to bring this “logic” even to commercial shoots if I can.

Once again I ended up with too many images to chose from. Here are some of them.

Photo Assistants: Ankit Sharma and Snehasish Roy

The Behind-the-Scenes video was shot and edited by Rose Tommy

Personal Shoot
To focus on personal work means you break free of the rules that come with the assigned projects. Everyone is free to be a bit risky and creative, think outside the box and pitch in ideas.
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