Asking a photographer to talk about him or her is a bad idea. There are either not enough words to talk about our obsessions or words are too complex.

I do fashion photography because I cannot do realism. I am too weak for reality and I am afraid I am too cynical to see it optimistically, so I choose to photograph a constructed one instead.

I approach my photography with the curiosity of a portraitist or a documentarist. My interest is on the story that is going on and the emotion of my hero or heroine. Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “A photograph is neither taken or seized by force. It offers itself up. It is the photo that takes you” and I coulnd’t agree more.

I don’t simply want to take pictures of beautiful people and beautiful things. Beauty is not enough if it means nothing the moment you photograph it. You have to photograph with your emotion.

I want to be in the same sun as the person in the photo, I want to be able to hear the noises on the background, to want to feel like I can touch their skin. If the viewer can see a fraction of that, I feel successful.

I am a huge cinema lover, particularly the “New Wave” cinema. I try to have this cinematic feeling to my work. I like the use of natural or ambient light, the interaction with the surroundings, the blurriness, the motion effect, the high contrast. I love when images look like stills from a movie.

I feel I have just scratched maybe a five percent of this photographic journey, I am discovering more things about the medium and myself each day. I want photography to take me as far as it possibly could and I would love it to consume me totally, if such madness is allowed to the ordinary.