VOGUE Wedding Book 2019

September 20, 2019

Each year Vogue India hosts the Vogue Wedding Show and each year they put together a customary shoot for their Vogue Wedding Book Issue.

This year they decided to do so featuring one of Bollywood’s power couples. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor on a shoot featuring only them alongside with a second one featuring seven models.

On the first day we were doing the models’ shoot. We had four girls, Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Virken Raina, Sana Thampi and Diya Patel as well as three boys, Vivek Dhiman, Suraj Dhalia and Madhur Singh Chauhan to shoot. Priyanka Kapadia was styling the entire two day shoot and Mitesh Rajani and Guia Bianchi were both in charge of hair and make up.

The production took place at the Great Eastern Home in Mumbai.It was a difficult task from the get-go as the shoot happened in the middle of July Monsoon and it was a very heavy, rainy day. Quite the contrary of the sunny, “joyful” atmosphere we wanted for this shoot. The Great Eastern Home is a great location but the interior spaces are antique storage rooms with thick walls and colored-stained glass windows that allow very little light. On a monsoon day it is rather like a “before-the-dusk” sort of light. So we basically had to light up the entire scene. The Great Easern Home gave us wonderful props to dress up the space but it really came alive when Jehangir Readymoney and his Affreen Wedding Services team dressed up the thick stone walls with wonderful flower arrangements. This allowed us to use creative lighting that looked a lot more realistic coming through the flowers and branches.

We were using a lot of back lighing, warmed up with a lighting gel to give the impression of a sunny day and a more open space and well as lights for the interior of course. A favorite of mine is the Profoto XL white umbrella with a diffuser. It allows enough light that will paint the whole scene and it is very very soft.

Editorially we decided to break the story with some shots in a “studio style” with a plain grey background.

On day-2 we took the entire shoot to the studio with some props from the Great Eastern Home. Afreen Wedding Services dressed our set with wonderful flower arrangements.

Marianna Mukuchyan did the make up on Mira and Florian Hurel did the hair and for Shahid, Gladwin James did the make up and Aalim Hakim did the hair

I followed  same lighting principle as the day before, with very soft front lighting and a punchy warm backlight.

Photo Assistants: Ankit Sharma and Snehashish Roy

The Behind-the-Scenes video was shot and edited by Rose Tommy

Beauty Shoot
Aesthetically I love strong contrasts and when conditions are giving me nice clean sharp sunlight the results are almost every time pleasing.
Personal Shoot
To focus on personal work means you break free of the rules that come with the assigned projects. Everyone is free to be a bit risky and creative, think outside the box and pitch in ideas.
GQ India featuring Man of the Year Ayushmann Khurrana
The GQ Actor if the Year award this year went to Ayushmann Khurrana and I had the pleasure of photographing him for this issue. This is my second GQ cover with Ayushmann.

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