VOGUE India Beauty story with Diana Penty

June 23, 2018
Errikos Andreou Shooting Diana Penty for VOGUE India Beauty
Errikos Andreou Shooting Diana Penty for VOGUE India Beauty
Errikos Andreou Shooting Diana Penty for VOGUE India Beauty
Errikos Andreou Shooting Diana Penty for VOGUE India Beauty

This was a fun day at the studio, with a really cool team.

We were shooting a beauty story for Vogue India with the gorgeous Diana Penty. A hair story to be exact and Diana Penty is the perfect girl for a story like this… she’s got really amazing hair!

Vogue India Beauty Editor Nidhi Sharma and Art Director Heidi Volpe had a few elements/trends they wanted to showcase in this story.

When shooting for a beauty story obviously the key element has to be either the hair or the makeup, whatever you do with your lighting or your composition, those elements have to remain clear.

Since the focus on this day was the hair, the makeup was easy.  Makeup artist Sandhya Shekar had to give Diana glowy skin and a touch of mystery with the eyes.

Michel Baltazar was the hair stylist and he showcased the 5 trends, wavy/straight hair, parted hair with embellishments, bun with loose hair, a 70’s inspired blowout style and cornrows.

I especially loved the way Priyanka Parkash styled this story. Each look had a different styling story to tell but she kept a gorgeous autumn-leaf palette of warm browns and khakis throughout keeping the story together.

I chose to light this directly above Diana’s head with a beauty dish and I wanted a very directional sharp-ish light that would light everything beautifully but would also give me a strong directional contrast. I shot from a low angle because I loved how the light fell on Diana’s beautiful face structure making her look almost statuesque.

Dimitris Alexandrou
Dimitris Alexandrou was one of the first models I photographed early in my career and I was also the one who did his very first shoot. He is a very close and dear friend and a muse for me. For this particular shoot, I just asked him to come and do some body shots and some nudes.
Models of Feat.Cast
For me, it was almost like going back to where I began as a photographer which was doing these test-shoots for models where there were no clients or teams involved. It was just about having an "open-day" where models walked in, sat in front of me for 15-20 min and we had fun taking photos.
GRAZIA India cover story with Disha Patani
For this cover story for Grazia India, I was shooting the super sexy Disha Patani. I love shooting outdoors! It is fun and it is quick paced.

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