GRAZIA India cover story with Disha Patani

November 11, 2018

I love shooting outdoors! It is fun and it is quick paced.

For this cover story for Grazia India I was shooting the super sexy Disha Patani. Fashion Editor Pasham Alwani wanted to do a sporty story with a little fashion-“campy” twist. Most images I had seen of Disha Patani before were very glamorous and very sexy and I wanted to shoot her like a model and not like an actress and she delivered big time. Yianni Tsapatori did the hair and Sonik Sarwate did the makeup.

We met quite early in the morning before the sun would be above our heads and this went so fast we were done in less than an hour and a half. I love working with teams I have worked with in the past because there is always such good energy and we know what we want to achieve so speed is up!

When shooting outdoors I go with the natural light 99,9% of the times. Sometimes using just a little light-bounce. I used a Profoto B1 bouncing off a white reflector only for the cover. The sun was still not fully up and I wanted some contrast.

Beauty Shoot
Aesthetically I love strong contrasts and when conditions are giving me nice clean sharp sunlight the results are almost every time pleasing.
Personal Shoot
To focus on personal work means you break free of the rules that come with the assigned projects. Everyone is free to be a bit risky and creative, think outside the box and pitch in ideas.
GQ India featuring Man of the Year Ayushmann Khurrana
The GQ Actor if the Year award this year went to Ayushmann Khurrana and I had the pleasure of photographing him for this issue. This is my second GQ cover with Ayushmann.

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