GRAZIA India cover story with Disha Patani

November 11, 2018

I love shooting outdoors! It is fun and it is quick paced.

For this cover story for Grazia India I was shooting the super sexy Disha Patani. Fashion Editor Pasham Alwani wanted to do a sporty story with a little fashion-“campy” twist. Most images I had seen of Disha Patani before were very glamorous and very sexy and I wanted to shoot her like a model and not like an actress and she delivered big time. Yianni Tsapatori did the hair and Sonik Sarwate did the makeup.

We met quite early in the morning before the sun would be above our heads and this went so fast we were done in less than an hour and a half. I love working with teams I have worked with in the past because there is always such good energy and we know what we want to achieve so speed is up!

When shooting outdoors I go with the natural light 99,9% of the times. Sometimes using just a little light-bounce. I used a Profoto B1 bouncing off a white reflector only for the cover. The sun was still not fully up and I wanted some contrast.

Dimitris Alexandrou
Dimitris Alexandrou was one of the first models I photographed early in my career and I was also the one who did his very first shoot. He is a very close and dear friend and a muse for me. For this particular shoot, I just asked him to come and do some body shots and some nudes.
Models of Feat.Cast
For me, it was almost like going back to where I began as a photographer which was doing these test-shoots for models where there were no clients or teams involved. It was just about having an "open-day" where models walked in, sat in front of me for 15-20 min and we had fun taking photos.
VOGUE India Beauty story with Diana Penty
We were shooting a beauty story for Vogue India with the gorgeous Diana Penty. A hair story to be exact and Diana Penty is the perfect girl for a story like this... she's got really amazing hair!

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