Dimitris Alexandrou

March 18, 2019

Dimitris Alexandrou was one of the first models I photographed early in my career and I was also the one who did his very first shoot. He is a very close and dear friend and a muse for me.

I love how he comes into a shoot uninhibited and unafraid. He always trusts the photographers he works with and always elevates the images.

For this particular shoot, I just asked him to come and do some body shots and some nudes.

For me, nudes are like portraits but very intimate. It takes a level of trust and communication between both the photographer and the model to achieve a result that transcends the obvious nudity and create a story, a narrative.

Nudes are a favourite type of shoot for me. It makes me look past the obvious, and it makes me humble. I always feel extremely lucky when a model or any subject for that matter shows me this trust.

Dimitris Alexandrou is one of the best models for me to do these shoots.

Beauty Shoot
Aesthetically I love strong contrasts and when conditions are giving me nice clean sharp sunlight the results are almost every time pleasing.
Personal Shoot
To focus on personal work means you break free of the rules that come with the assigned projects. Everyone is free to be a bit risky and creative, think outside the box and pitch in ideas.
GQ India featuring Man of the Year Ayushmann Khurrana
The GQ Actor if the Year award this year went to Ayushmann Khurrana and I had the pleasure of photographing him for this issue. This is my second GQ cover with Ayushmann.

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